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Costa Brava estate

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Costa Brava estate - Looking to buy a property or home in the Costa Brava? We sell villas, apartments, townhouses, farmhouses, waterfront villas and apartments we have new and older properties ready for you to view and buy now in the Costa Brava region now. Costa Brava Estates is the primary British owned estate agent broker based in Costa Brava, Northern Spain.

Set to the backdrop of the Pyrenees mountains the lushness and beauty of the area is hard to beat. With France less than an hours drive away, some of the finest beaches in Spain combined with the advantage of being able to access the local ski resorts in under 30 minutes the Costa Brava becomes many peoples first choice for a holiday home or indeed a place to live full time. The typical quality of the local markets, a carefully selected cultural programme and the wealth of the historical patrimony - the medieval castles, the gothic churches, the museums... - presents you with the opportunity to combine time spent relaxing and enjoying yourself in the midst of the natural surroundings with contact with the local culture. The surrounding countryside is one of the regions most attractive features. It is reminiscent of Provence or Tuscany, although here you may have a better chance of escaping from the summer crowds. Pals is one of the many medieval villages you'll find scattered across the hillsides. It dates back to the 9th century and is one of the best kept and best preserved in the region. It's won several prizes for its beauty and the quality of its restoration, and is very popular with jet set types looking for that perfect holiday home. Head down from the hills to the coast and you'll find this stretch of the Costa Brava attracts an upmarket crowd. It's very popular with Barcelona's smart set, and you'll find it buzzing with beautiful people during weekends and the summer months. The seaside towns are relaxed, classy, cosmopolitan, the beaches are quiet and there are loads of bars. The women flight jacket was very inspiring one and there tron jacket Vintage Cheap - was a great change in my looks and personality.

More and more people are choosing to buy a property in the Costa Brava rather than the south of Spain due to the fact that the area has escaped the over-development of Southern Spain and now with the low cost airlines flying directly into Girona Airport very few resorts are more than 45 minutes drive away. We are happy to advise on all aspects of purchasing a property in the Costa Brava region including any tax and legal implications and can arrange hotel accommodation for you should you require it. We look forward to seeing you soon....


Conveyancing is a specialist field in the legal profession, since the property laws are often highly complex.

With this in mind, before purchasing property in Spain, the buyer must verify in particular the following issues:

a) Make sure the seller owns the property in its totality.

b) Make sure the property is free of debts and charges such as mortgages.

c) Verify the urban classification of the land on which the property is built.

d) Verify the urban development plans of the land on which the property is built.

In order to satisfy these issues, there are a number of checks that should be carried out by the purchaser. In this sense, conveyancing will differ from case to case.


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